As someone who has always preferred quality over quantity, ethical fashion has always had a place in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, however, so has fast fashion – especially since I started blogging. When I was blogging as The Stylish Teacher, it would be common practise for packages to be arriving on my door step a few times a week. I had more clothes arriving than days in the week to wear them. At first it’s fun – I mean, who doesn’t love the thrill of a new outfit? But then what happens when the clothes that keep arriving aren’t great quality? When they have holes in the seams? When the fabric is itchy? When they don’t look the same in real life as they do in images online? When at the end of each season you have a boot FULL of clothes to donate to charity?

I soon realised that I had to slow down my fashion consumption.


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Then I watched The True Cost. GAME CHANGER. Have you seen it? If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it. It will change the way you look at your clothes forever. This documentary covers how the fashion industry has dramatically changed in the past few decades. The price of clothing during this time has significantly decreased. At the same time, negative environmental and social impacts have dramatically increased. The garment industry has become ruthless – where vulnerable populations of people are paid less than a living wage and are working in conditions that are unsafe, all in the name of big company profits. As consumers, we’re often unaware of this and are unwittingly proud of ‘bagging a bargain’. But not me. Not you either – if you choose to.

Let’s be more conscious and educated around our buying. Let’s work to fill gaps in our wardrobe instead of buying the latest ‘on trend’ item. Let’s shop local too.

Are you with me?
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