What’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day this year? Apart from the obligatory handmade craft from the kids, I mean (which we love by the way 😉). I don’t usually put in requests, but this year I actually do need a new dressing gown.

My usual go-to place for sleepwear? Peter Alexander. But, I did a little research into this brand and found that they don’t actually do enough to protect the rights of the workers in their supply chain. Baptist World Aid’s ethical fashion guide rates Peter Alexander overall as a C+, which I suppose technically is a pass grade but looking further into this rating shows they score a D for ‘Worker Enpowerment’. Not cool. Suffice to say, they won’t be getting my business anymore.

If you, like me, want to support ethical brands – I am here to help with a range of gifts that you’ll love and love knowing your money is well spent. You can click the images to check out more details too.

1. I’ve been hinting pretty hard for this dressing gown!

Alas The Label Telescope Robe $169.95


2. The draping and cut of this dress is super flattering – an easy wear piece to throw on and go, or add some leggings during the cooler months.

Hunt Kelly Lola Limited Edition Beaujolais $130


3. Mmmm… chocolate and strawberries!

Wicked Berries The Sweetest Thing Gift Box $49



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4. I have one of these belts in neon pink – I love it!

Alma Mexicana Hand Woven Belt (in a range of colours) $25


5. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Fill it with some herbs or a lovely plant.

Sunday Society Pot $20.95


6. Still not sure? Flowers are always the answer! And the best place to get flowers in Brisbane is from the gorgeous ladies at Coddle and Co.


So, have you bought your mum a Mother’s Day present yet? What would you like to receive this Mother’s Day?

Lily XX
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