My husband and I recently took our five year old son and three year old daughter to Queenstown, NZ for a week. Queenstown is an awesome place for kids – there’s so much to do – and we even found some snow, which was such a thrill for my little loves.

If you’re in charge of the packing in the lead up to a family holiday, there’s a lot to remember and you’re always bound to forget something, like the time we took our then 1 year old (teething) son to Thailand. We remembered the baby Panadol but forgot the syringe, which resulted in some in-flight drama (read:screaming).

This time the only thing I forgot to pack was my sleepwear, which was easily fixed with a quick trip to Peter Alexander!

Now for the essentials that made my life so much easier on this holiday:


1. Cross Body Bag from Caramel and Co $89.95

A cross body bag keeps your hands free, which means you can hold onto important things like your children, your suitcase or other random things that your kids pick up (what sort of cafe puts macarons on a table at the perfect height for my three year old anyway?!). This one was big enough to hold all our passports, travel documents, my wallet, phone etc so was great for getting through the airports as well as our day trips.


2. Hunter Gumboots from  The Iconic $198.00

Now, I’ll admit it – I bought these boots because I saw Kate Middleton wear them. Having said that, these boots kept my feet both warm and dry in the snow. They have a fair amount of grip too, so (thankfully) I was able to avoid slipping over as well.



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3. Blanket Scarf from Surafina $69.00

I took this scarf on the plane with me and everywhere through Queenstown too. Mostly I wore it as a scarf, but it doubled as a blanket for my children when we took them to the Minus 5 Ice Bar and on the bus to and from Milford Sound.


4. Slimline Pants from Intimo $109.50

I bought a thermal top and pants to wear during this holiday. I wore the thermal pants a grand total of one time before I ditched them for my Slimline Pants. The thermal pants had very little stretch and just didn’t fit right. My Slimline Pants on the other hand, are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. Ever.


* As an Intimo stylist, you can order your own pair of these pants, or any other Intimo product, by sending me an email at *


What are your winter holiday essentials?

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