From my recent posts and Instagram stories, some of you will have noticed me mentioning Bodylight Salon. I’m going to be really upfront with you here and not put this in tiny writing at the bottom of the page (there’s been so much backlash against bloggers not revealing gifts and payments lately). I was invited by Bodylight Salon to receive treatments of my choice. For free. Well, in exchange for social media posts and this blog post. So not for free, but no money exchanged hands. You know what I’m saying. Having got that out of the way, I’m going to give you every nitty gritty detail so you can decide for yourself if the treatments I got would suit you.

When the girls from Bodylight Salon first contacted me with their offer of treatments I had never heard of their salon. Simply because – it’s brand new. I asked them to suggest which treatments they would recommend and we decided on five treatments of Ultrasound Cavitation Body Contouring. I’m certainly no expert on this so if you need more info you can read about it here.

Personally, I would never have chosen (or paid for) body contouring treatments myself, however, when they mentioned its benefits – eliminate stubborn fat pockets, reduce and smooth cellulite etc – curiosity got the better of me and I just had to give it a try. I mean, it sounded pretty easy to get rid of the bit of fat at the top of my thighs that won’t go away no matter what.

And, now I’m going into a whole new (scary!) area (minefield if you will). If you’ve followed my posts for a while now you’ll have noticed that I never discuss my weight, other people’s weight or any body issues that I might have. It’s because essentially, this is a style blog. And you can have great style at any shape or size. And to be honest, I try not to focus on my body very much. Of course I want to be healthy, and I know I have lost weight in the last couple of years (training for my first half marathon helped with that!), but I haven’t felt the need to mention it (until now – oops!) on this forum.

Ok, back to the treatments. But just so you know, Bodylight Salon is actually inside Orb Hair and Beauty. I didn’t know that, and I got lost. When I finally did arrive, I was greeted with a lovely cool towelette and peppermint tea, which I needed because getting lost stresses me out.

First we took “before” pictures – ugh. In my underwear – double ugh. But necessary to see progress. Then this fancy looking machine with a hand piece was smoothed over your targeted area – for me, the upper thigh. The first part of the treatment is completely painless, and would have been quite relaxing if not for the accompanying loud noise which reminded me of cicadas on a summer night. But, I got used to it. The second part of the treatment is much the same as the first – painless, but with no annoying cricket sound. It took about 14 minutes on each thigh, so only about 30 minutes in total. And that’s it, right? WRONG!

Here’s the part of the treatment that no one tells you about … the 30 minutes of cardio that you need to do as soon as possible after your treatment in order for all the toxins that have just been melted away to be sweated out of your body. What?! This is definitely not the type of treatment you can nip out of the office to do on your lunchbreak. And so not the easy fat treatment I thought I was getting!

Now, the results. The circumference of my thighs was measured before and after the five treatments. Before the treatments, both my thighs measured at 66cm. After the treatments my left thigh measured at 62cm and my right thigh measured at 61cm. So now I’m lopsided – ha! Not really, but a loss of 4cm and 5cm. Looking at myself, I can notice a small difference. Can you?












This type of treatment is definitely not for everyone. It WOULD suit people with small, stubborn fat pockets. It WOULD NOT suit people who are not at their ideal size, or on a weight loss journey. A word to the wise – this type of treatment is not a quick fix substitute for weight loss, and it’s not even particularly easy to do when you consider the 30 minutes of required cardio afterwards. It’s also what I would consider expensive – my course of five treatments ($450 per treatment) costs $2,250.

Having said all of that, if you’d like to give body contouring a go the lovely girls at Bodylight Salon will give you a 30% DISCOUNT when you mention Slow Down Style when you book/pay for your treatments, which you can do here. 

Have you ever tried body contouring? Would you give it a go?

Lily xx

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